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Episode 01 – Making Plans for Mikel

Band : , , , ,
Title : Making Plans for Mikel
Release Date : March 21, 2016
Label : , , , , , ,
Catalog ref. : 001
Format : Digital Download

It’s our first episode and Matt & Steve are coming to you from “The Bunker” in Montclair. On Christmas night, Steve talked to his brother Mikel (from the Trial & Error Podcast) about growing up with music nerd parents, rolling up the window while singing the Cure, and his brewing love for bluegrass music.

For the EPISODE MUSIC PLAYLIST, click here.

1. Show Intro
2. Steve’s Monologue
3. Chat with Mikel
– Growing up with Dad & Mom’s musical tastes. Dad owning Bruce Hornsby & the Range or “The Best of Bread”
– Guilty Pick: XTC – Waxworks
Tracks – “Science Friction”, “Making Plans for Nigel”, “Love on a Farmboy’s Wages”
– Guilty Pick: Phil Collins
Tracks – “Take Me Home”, “Don’t Lose My Number”, “Easy Lover”
– Guilty Picks:
Billy Idol – “Dancing with Myself”
Cutting Crew – “I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight”
Triumph – “Lay it on the Line”
Midnight Oil – “Beds Are Burning”
Scorpions – “Rock You Like a Hurricane”, “The Zoo”
OMC – “How Bizarre”
Ghostland Observatory – “Vibrate”
– Guilty Pick: Bluegrass Music
Earl Scruggs
Foggy Mountain Boys
4. Ad: Al’s Pizza
5. Show Close

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