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Episode 04 – Time Traveling Erotica with Michele Laikowski

Title : Time Traveling Erotica with Michele Laikowski
Release Date : April 11, 2016
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Catalog ref. : 004
Format : Digital Download


Michele Laikowski from Jenny McCarthy’s SiriusXM show, Dirty Sexy Funny joins us in The Bunker to spill her pop culture guilty pleasures. Oddly, they all have to do with some sort of time travel. Michele talks about how she enjoys erotic fiction without the eroticism, her undying love for Hamilton, Al Roker, and much more.
You can follow Michele on twitter @molaikowski for her weekly Hamilton selfie with the hashtag #dailyhamiltonmichelfie.

1. Show Intro
2. Chat with Michele
– Michele talks about her selfies in front of Richard Rogers Theatre
– Buzz Aldrin & Morning news
– Guilty Pick: Romance Novels
– Guilty Pick: Outlander TV Show
– Time traveling pregnancy
– Which witch, you’re a witch!
– School of Rock (The Musical)
3. Ad: Frank Pepe’s Gyro House.
4. Chat with Michele (cont)
– Musicals (cont)
– Skipping church
– Bagels and fear
– The West Wing
– Back to erotica
5. Show Close

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