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Episode 05 – Rom Coms and Martial Arts with Barrie Luongo

Title : Rom Coms and Martial Arts with Barrie Luongo
Release Date : April 18, 2016
Catalog ref. : 005
Format : Digital Download

iHeart radio sweetheart and Steven Seagal apprentice Barrie Luongo is on to chat about his pop culture guilty pleasures including: the film Music & Lyrics, the WNBA, karoke jams and much more!

You can follow Barrie on Twitter.

1. Show Intro
-Record Store Day
-Celebrity Public Defender
2. Chat with Barrie
– Taylor Ham or Pork Roll
– Martial Arts & Steven Seagal
– Guilty Pick: Music & Lyrics (movie & soundtrack)
– Guilty Pick: WNBA
3. Ad: Anne’s Authentic Massage Parlor
4. Chat with Barrie (cont)
– Drunk Karaoke
– Guilty Pick: 1Direction
– Zayn story
– Show gift
5. Show Close

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