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Episode 06 – Hotline Bunn

Title : Hotline Bunn
Release Date : April 25, 2016
Catalog ref. : 006
Format : Digital Download

On today’s show IT man by day and music producer/podcaster at night, Bryan Bunn is on to talk about his pop culture guilty pleasures.

Follow Bryan’s podcast Trial & Error on Twitter here and his band’s Soundcloud page.


1. Show Intro
– Prescription drugs use
2. Chat with Bryan
– Professional background
– Introduction in to music
– 90’s R&B
– Sampling music
– Guilty Pleasure: “New age hip-hop”
– Huge Drake fan
– Theory of mixing music
– Guilty Pleasure: Fall Out (video game) soundtrack
– Choir rehearsals
3. Ad: Silver Back Surveillance Company (Mention Guilty Mix Tape for a steep discount)
4. Continued conversation with Bryan Bunn
– Singing in the car or the shower
5. Wrapping up

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