Hi, I’m Steve Long. Founder and Co-Host of The Guilty Mixtape.
I originally conceived this podcast and blog after many casual conversations with my lead co-host and friend, Gallery Media Group Podcast Producer Matt Bogart and my music nerd friends. I began to realize, even though I owned underground tapes and CDs, prided my vinyl collection and tried to only listen to college radio or NPR, there were distinct moments throughout my life that I would guiltily enjoy a song in a grocery store, or “borrow” my sister’s cassette tape, or sing alone in my car… In short, there was some music that I was afraid to admit to family, friends and yes even the world at large that I…. honest-to-goodness liked! 
This project is a way for me to confess and also list reasons why we deem specific music, movies, films, TV, books and more a “guilty pleasure” amongst the greater audiophile and “good taste” crowd. Some you’ll agree with, some you may not, but I encourage discussion and debate! I encourage submissions too. If you know any music journalists, pop-culture bloggers, lifestyle hosts, personalities and especially Indie musicians, send them our way!