What is the Guilty Mixtape?

The Guilty Mixtape is a blog and podcast featuring my personal weekly and monthly selections of guilty pleasure music and music videos. Included in the mix will be submissions from Music Journalists, Bloggers, Audiophiles, Indie Musicians and various other notable people. It is also a monthly podcast where we chat one-on-one with people about their musical confessions.

Who are you?

You are someone who *LOVES* music. You own a first pressing of Johnny Cash’s “At Folsom Prison”. You dug the crates at your local record shop until you found the Sgt. Pepper’s with the original in-tact cardboard cutouts. You giddily stream Roberta Flack and Sam Cooke all workday afternoon. You have tons of Spotify playlists, TONS. Sorted by theme, genre, mood, and some made just for a single person. You have an Evernote of your vinyl collection, and an account on Discogs.

A major common thread is all audiophiles, hipsters, musicians and music journalists have guilty pleasures they are afraid to admit. It’s time to confess your sins!