#FridayFind | ELO – Don’t Bring Me Down

Who would’ve thought Jeff Lyne’s biggest hit in the U.S. would be the song he dedicated to NASA’s Skylab Space Station? A looped drum sample from “On the Run” is the backbone for this clap-inducing tune. The album “Discovery” in 1979 was definitely where the band pushed wholeheartedly from orchestral space pop into pure disco territory. A few tunes of theirs leaned disco including “Evil Woman” (1975 – Face the Music) and “Livin’ Thing” (1976 – A New World Record), so it was a natural progression for Jeff Lyne to go “full Bee Gees” as it were.

While the rest of the album is certainly far too smooth and relaxed for my taste, the final track really brings an energy you cannot ignore. The crisp drum sample paired with the harmony driven lyrics is just… perfection.

Just as the lyrics state, it’s Friday, “Don’t Bring me Down”.

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