#FridayFind | Jon Secada – Just Another Day


It was probably the late Nineties, just before my high school graduation. I was at a wedding for my good friend Elijah’s family. Growing up together, he and I shared lots of music with each other. He was a brother from another mother. Most days we hung out, we definitely rocked out to some heavy metal and bobbed our heads to tons of old school hip-hop. But we both had soft spots for R&B ballads, those tunes we wanted to sing to our girlfriends. Or put on our cheesy mixtapes to them, that we’d pass to them while passing notes between school periods.

Now up until this point, I had absolutely heard “Just Another Day” at grocery stores and on “Yo! MTV Raps” or another R&B music video block. And I quietly liked it from afar. Well this wedding cemented it. Someone was playing DJ on an AIWA Boombox and some CD booklets and for some reason this song kept getting repeated. I thought eventually people would mutiny and take over, but for some reason – no. one. cared.

And I know EXACTLY why. This song is amazing.

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