#FridayFind | Marvelous 3 – Freak of the Week

“Tell me I’ve sold out / Tell me I’ve sold out go ahead”

Okay Butch, you sold out. But it’s okay. You left us this wonderful nugget, this pop-punk singalong anthem. The Marvelous 3 was the short-lived brainchild of Butch Walker (Lead Singer/Guitarist), Doug Mitchell (Drums), and bassist Jayce Fincher.

With this scream-along chorus, you know during their short tenure, a bunch of kids crowd surfed, skanked and slam-danced to this song on many summer afternoons. With spring just yearning to come back here in the Northeast U.S., I find myself needing some more summer anthems to keep me warm. How about you?

Growing up in Ohio, there was a term thrown around for punks, goths and rocker kids. That term was – “freaks” in my high school. And so when this song came out, I definitely associated the song with me and my crew. And the music video got plenty of airplay on MTV.

These days, Butch has kept his solo career going. He’s softened a bit to more pure singer/songwriter territory these days. Lots of piano, acoustic guitars, but his voice still remains his best instrument in my opinion.

“Freak of the Week” happens to be the first One Hit Wonder I’ve chosen for The Guilty Mixtape. Which, coincidentally go hand-in-hand in my opinion. And I look forward to posting many more. Happy Weekend!


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